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1974 - 1998

MITSU was born on July 17, 1974 in Miyagi, Japan.
He began playing guitar at the age of 15, and quickly became fascinated by the blues. Realizing his desire to pursue music, he moved to Tokyo in 1994 and started playing with a variety of blues, soul, funk, and rock bands. His playing earned him a number of television and magazine interviews, spreading his name along the blues circuits of Japan


Moved to New York in 1999

In 1999, MITSU moved to Harlem in New York City to work with Floyd Lee (a.k.a. Ted Williams) and the FLOYD LEE BLUES BAND for three and half years.

They played all over New York, at such major venues as the B.B.King Blues Clubl, the APOLLO THEATER, and Sylvia's; as part of the "Music Under New York" program presented by New York’s subway company; street festivals; clubs; and parties.

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Album "BLUES Mississippi-Harlem-Tokyo" was released in 2001

In 2001 MITSU produced and recorded the album "BLUES: Mississippi-Harlem-Tokyo" with Floyd Lee and Clara E. It's on sale now.

Meanwhile, MITSU was studying jazz under guitarist Michael of Dizzy Gillespie fame at "Jazz Mobile" in Harlem, while playing shows with many musicians around New York.

He also co-founded the band AND SUN SUI CHIE with Tetsuya “Dorian” Sukegawa and Geoff Hush. They played clubs around New York City.


Returned to Japan in 2003

At the end of 2002, he returned to Japan, and in January 2003, he had a Broadway-like show at Theater X in Tokyo with Floyd Lee and Clara E, called "REAL DELTA BLUES ~ The Floyd Lee Story" about a Japanese musician who was fascinated by BLUES in NY’s Harlem.
They collaborated with several artists and expressed the true meaning of blues through music, acting, and visual arts. They were extremely well-received by audiences and were written up in several magazines.

Meanwhile, he had played with AND SUN SUI CHIE at clubs all over Japan, and the band recorded its first album, "SUN", which was released in July of 2003.


Album "DELTA BLUES PROJECT Vol.1" was released in 2004

MITSU was currently working on his latest idea, the DELTA BLUES PROJECT.
He's mixing blues, soul, and the samurai spirit to create a new kind of music.
He recorded the first album "Delta Blues Project vol.1" in March of 2004. It's released on October 28th 2004 at CD stores, such as, HMV, TOWER RECORDS, Virgin MEGASTORE, DISC UION and TSUTAYA located at all over JAPAN. Also,he expanded the nationwide tour, and got a great popularity.

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MITSU invited FLOYD LEE from NEW YORK, and produced "DELTA BLUES PROJECT featuring FLOYD LEE JAPAN TOUR 2005"..It's rave reviews across the country.

On the other hand, Mitsu's interview published at Music magazine "Player" in the September issue, Appearanced"Niigata Chuetsu earthquake relief gig" at Club Citta Kawasaki, Specializing BLUES web-site in the United States called "BLUES BABY" featured MITSU for one month, Collaboration with "KABUTO PROJECT " of Sakura Yasuyuki(contemporary artists) , etc.


9-11 WTC Memorial Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony in 2006

In 2006, MITSU played withTakako Yamamura(Vocal) at "9-11 WTC Memorial Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony" in New York City.
He prayed peace world by MUSIC.

Also, his essay "Street style of MITSU" has been published for music magazin called "MYUJIN" every two month. (Publishing company is YAMAHA) . And. He recorded "Sweet home Chicago" with t.c.electronic.


Working with NHK TV program in 2007

In 2007, MITSU is started to work with NHK TV program called "TSUNAGARU TV @ human"(It's broadcasting every sunday night 11pm) .
He's composing and playing music for them every week.

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Arlequin Musical was started in 2008

MITSU and TETSUYA started Arlequin style musical, and played all over the Japan.

On the other hand, he also played a lots of gig as MITSU a.k.a. Delta Blues Project around Tokyo area.


Album "Mitsu's Juke Joint" was released in 2010

In 2010, New album "Mitsu's Juke Joint" was released on June 13th. and, this release Gig at British Pub "What the Dickens!" was delivered to the entire world by Internet. MITSU received unprecedented prais.

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JOYMU Guitar School is opened in 2012

MITSU opened "JOYMU Guitar School" in May of 2012. And, start working as a guitar coach and school CEO.

JOYMU means "Enjoy Your Music Life!"


YouTube Official Channel is opened in 2014

YouTube Official Channel is opened !!

@MITSU a.k.a. DELTA BLUES PROJECT YouTube Official Channel
(Music Video, CD Album,and more)

@JOYMU Guitar School Youtube Official Channel
(FREE Guitar lesson Video,How to enjoy your guitar and more. *Japanese only)